About Us

Incorporated in Dec 2020.

Our goal is to let everyone have a fair, transparent and successful international business model.

To provide excellent quality, effective and safe product series, so that our family members get wealth and freedom, while protecting their health.

Ordinary person accomplished extra ordinary global success!

Gain profit with easy & practical 7 Stellar ways!


7 Stellar venture into global market with local partners.


7 Stellar leaders always demonstrate accountability, responsibility & honesty in every actions.


7 Stellar cultivates freedom of healthy body, freedom of strong mind & freedom of finance!


7 Stellar always emphasize in Research & Development of new marketing technology!

Our Founder

Life is short, don’t waste time waiting for “something” to happen!

Dato Sri Jerry Tay

- Founder -


  • To build a caring enterprise
  • To provide an international platform
  • To promote people’s health and wealth
  • To share a powerful and sustainable management system
  • To become the first choice MLM company for enterpreneur


  • All our members are healthy and weathly.

Our Chairman

God gives everyone a fair opportunity;
Let everyone have a chance to be successful!

Y.M. Tengku Hishammuddin Zaizi Bin Tengku Azman Shah

- Chairman -

Our Partners